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Case Study: $100 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing

Starting an affiliate marketing business is not easy but can be rewarding. The deciding factor whether you succeed or fail is traffic, without traffic you don’t have a business. Another problem most beginners face is the cost of quality traffic, you can spend thousands of dollars on traffic campaigns.

After personally spending thousands of dollars in advertising. I thought to myself that there has to be a better way to build a business online. Most people might not have the capital to invest in traffic after joining programs or investing in courses.

So I shut down all my advertising campaigns on February 1st 2019. This is to test my theory that you can succeed with cheap traffic. My new traffic sources are cheap solo ads, banner ads, free traffic exchanges sites, viral mailing lists, and social networks.

The solo ads I will be using with be less then $0.55 per click. The courses I have been through all say to buy $0.90 to $1.50 per click solo ads to get any quality leads or sales. So I am going to be testing cheap solo ads and we will see what happens.

You can follow my journey on my YouTube channel. This is where you will be able to see the different traffic sources I use and the results of the case study. Currently I am laying the foundation building my network and testing different traffic sources that are free or cheap.

The case study budget is less then $100 per month for advertising. My goal is to go from o sales to $100 per day with affiliate marketing using cheap traffic.

Follow my Case Study: $100/Day With Affiliate Marketing https://youtu.be/BFmmf-TJQnc

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